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Denver Options

Children, birth to age 3, who have a suspected developmental delay, may be referred to early intervention services for a free developmental assessment. Areas assessed include Communication, Motor Sensory, Cognitive, Social/Emotional, and Adaptive. Infants and toddlers who have a mental or physical diagnosis known to be associated with delays in development and who may or may not be exhibiting delays at the time of diagnosis, are categorically eligible.

Conditions associated with developmental delays include chromosomal syndromes and conditions, congenital syndromes and conditions, and sensory impairments. Infections, conditions, or events occurring during prenatal development through 36 months resulting in significant medical problems associated with delays are eligible; these may consist of recurring seizures, ongoing neurological injury, APGAR score of 5 or less at five minutes, evidence of significant exposure to known teratogens, and low birth weight infants weighing less than 1200 grams (2 lbs, 10oz.).

Postnatally acquired problems resulting in delays in development including, but not limited to, attachment and regulatory disorders based on the Diagnostic Classification: 0-3 are also eligible.

Call Denver Options about services in Denver County 303-636-5600.

Call Early Intervention Colorado statewide number 1-888-777-4041 to obtain the referral number for the county where the child resides.