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HB1116 - The Child Mental Health Treatment Act

The Child Mental Health Treatment Act, commonly referred to as HB1116, provides access to residential treatment for children with significant mental health needs without the involvement of Social Services and the court system. The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) has developed an in-depth Handbook on HB1116. The Handbook includes a summary of the roles and responsibilities for all parties involved in a child’s placement (families, community mental health centers, mental health assessment and service agencies - MHASAs, residential treatment centers – RTCs), as well as a summary of the procedures to follow in accessing RTC-level care. The Handbook also explains the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility and application process, and the appeals process for dispute resolutions. Families whose children are covered by Medicaid and whose children are not covered by Medicaid may apply under HB1116.

HB1116 Handbook (January 2002) (Word document)

COCAF has reviewed the handbook, and has written a brief summary highlighting some of the more important aspects of the document, including identifying those situations in which a family may incur significant financial liability. The summary also includes six questions to and responses from CDHS that helped to clarify sections of the text.

COCAF Summary of HB1116 Handbook (Word document)