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Service Providers

In Colorado, mental health services are provided by 17 Community Mental Health Centers, and by eight mental health managed care entities, known as MHASAs (MHASAs, through partnerships with the Community Mental Health Centers, provide care for Medicaid-eligible clients, and can be contacted using the phone number listed on your Medicaid card). The link below provides a listing of the Community Mental Health Centers, their contact information, and links to their sites if available.

Colorado Community Mental Health Centers

COPARC Therapist Database
The Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center (COPARC) has a database of licensed therapists in Colorado with adoption experience. The therapists on the COPARC list have registered with the Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center, furnished copies of their licensure, disclosure statements, and professional insurance, as well as completed an application. The Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center of The Adoption Exchange does not recommend any particular therapist.
To access the therapist database go to:

The online directory produced by the Maternal and Child Health Library, can be used by service providers and families to find available health, mental health, family support, parenting, childcare, and other services for children and families in the communities in which they live.