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Adoptees in Search – Adoptees In Search (AIS) is a group of adult adoptees and others involved in adoption who believe that adult adoptees have the right to know their birthparents and that birthparents have the right to know their birth children after adoptees become adults. AIS provides technical search information and emotional support to searchers, educates the public about the adoptive experience, and is committed to working for the revision of laws and policies that withhold vital information from adult adoptees and birth families.’s Search/Reunion – This site contains information on reunion registries, state search information, tools for locating people and information, and support groups in the US and around the world.

American Adoption Congress – The American Adoption Congress believes that growth, responsibility, and respect for self and others develop best in lives that are rooted in truth. The AAC is therefore committed to achieving changes in attitudes, policies, and legislation that will guarantee access to identifying information for all adoptees and their birth and adoptive families. The site contains information on adoption legislation, as well as a Search & Reunion section and an extensive book section.

Child Welfare Gateway —Searching for Birth Relatives – The site includes basics on how to conduct a search for birth relatives, both within the United States and internationally, and a listing of search support groups for people searching for birth relatives.

Tapestry Books – Electronic bookstore dedicated to adoption topics, with an extensive listing of search-and-reunion titles.