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Give Me a Break Respite Program

Respite Funding & Family Orientation
Hosted by the Autism Society of Colorado

Faced with the need to take occasional breaks from the intensive care and support of loved ones with autism spectrum disorders, family caregivers often come up short with being able to find competent individuals equipped with the knowledge to be able to care for and supervise their loved one. Funding to pay good respite providers may also present obstacles to families being able to take a break. With these two factors in mind, the Autism Society of Colorado crafted its new respite program, the Give Me a Break Respite Program.

Benefits of the GMAB Program to Families:
• Allocations of funding to pay respite care providers
• Opportunity to hire trained providers
• Support to hire and build successful respite relationships
• Organizing tool for individualizing orientation to person with ASD
• Connections to other family members with loved ones with ASDs
• Family orientations tailored to the time constraints of participants

All families interested in participating in the GMAB Program are asked to attend a 2- hour orientation session. The sessions will be set up based on need, number and the availability of families to participate on days and at times that work for them. Families will learn some basics about successful hiring practices, building rapport, and adequately individualizing respite provider orientation to the strengths and needs of the family member with ASD, the home environment and other pertinent factors. Families will be expected to complete a respite notebook with support and materials provided by the GMAB. The notebook will help to prepare and inform respite care providers about the individualized needs, preferences, and pertinent interventions that the person with ASD might have. Details about the payment of providers and program rules will be explained.

Please register with Lorri Park ( or download the Family Application at: