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Crisis Intervention Team Information

Crisis Intervention Team Information

If you have an out-of-control child and there’s a chance that the child may hurt themselves or someone else, you need to call the police and request Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer. CIT Officers have been trained in handling mental health calls. Even if your child has not been diagnosed with a mental health issue, adopted children, especially those with trauma or abuse in their backgrounds, will respond better if approached in the right manner.
CIT officers have responded when requested by families struggling with a child choosing unsafe behaviors such as setting fires, stealing, and behaviors that could potential be a threat to family members. If you ever find you need to call for a CIT officer, be sure to thank them for the extra training it takes to become a CIT officer.


Arapahoe County/Centennial: Lt. Kevin Heaton
Aurora: Officer Jim Gleason,
Castle Rock: Officer George Elder,
Cherry Hills Village: Officer Will Sparks,
Denver: Sgt. Betty Hale,
Douglas County: Lt. Attila Denes,
Englewood: Officer Leticia Castillo,
Glendale: Officer Rich Benavidez,
Greenwood Village: Officer Elizabeth Micale,
Jefferson County: Sgt. Mike Daly,, or Sgt. Cory Denes,
Littleton: Sgt. Cindy Mitchell,
Lone Tree: Officer Shannon Jones,
Parker: Officer Chris Kozuch,
Sheridan: Officer Kryss Bryant,

CIT agency statewide coordinators on the CITAC website: